Building Houses

I like creating stuff.

I like starting businesses.

I like coding websites and software.

I like coming up with new ideas.

I like hacking together stuff.

I like solving problems.

Recently I got more and more into nature and hiking.

I remember the day after my brother’s wedding. We celebrated until around 6 o’clock in the morning. When I finally woke up, I had a massive hangover and stayed in bed until dinner time. All day long I watched a German TV channel that had a special mountain day – every single show that day was around the topic of mountains, hiking and climbing. I was fascinated.

The idea of hiking and light mountain climbing has been on my mind since over a decade, but I somehow never got around to it.

Finally, we recently started doing some small family hikes around Valencia and the entire family loves those hikes.

Ever second Saturday, when I bring my daughter to her forest school, I take those few hours to walk through the forest either by myself or with some of the other parents. It’s the most relaxing and amazing time.

I often wonder, how would it be to live in the forest?

I’ve been in some beautiful, remote forests in Lithuania, too. How cool would it be to buy a big plot of land for a relatively cheap price there and to not only work on increasing/improving the forest/wildlife, but to also build a tiny house there?

I’ve watched quite a few YouTube videos in the past about tiny houses and building your own house. It sounds really interesting to me for two reasons: the immediate access to nature and the process of building the house.

Maybe one day I won’t just build businesses and software, but also houses?

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