Challenge Lost

I officially lost the challenge that I started on the first day of this year.

After 58 consecutive days of publishing a post per day on this blog, I forgot to write one yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling like something was off. I even went to bed last night and couldn’t fall asleep, but I wasn’t able to pinpoint what was wrong. While driving to meet some friends for a day in the countryside it daunt on me: I hadn’t published any post yesterday.

The day before yesterday was already very sloppy – 22 words. February in general saw a big drop in the word count. On average the posts got 40% less words in February compared to January.

However, I’m not planning to stop the daily blogging. I will try to dedicate more time and energy into blogging once a day. I want to get the word count back up to 500+ words per blog post. At the same time I want to improve the quality of my writing and thoughts.

February is a short month and it had its ups and downs, but I’ll try to write an in-depth review of the month as well as an outlook to March 2020 on Sunday.

The streak starts again from the beginning. Day 1 of consecutive daily blogging starts right now.

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