Freedom on Two Wheels

A few weeks ago someone stole my bicycle.

On a Monday morning, I walked out of our house and opened the front gate to go for a short walk with my daughter. Once I stepped out of the front gate I realised that something was off.

I got back onto our premises and realised that my bicycle was missing.

My daughter asked me what happened and I told her that the bicycle is missing. I then looked around the corner and inside of the house in the hallway. No bicycle.

I went on to tell my daughter that someone stole our bicycle. I always used to go for bicycle rides with her to the park, along the beach and to her music class. It was as much her bicycle as it was mine.

She then asked me in her innocent voice – “When will they bring it back?”.

That was a tough conversation – explaining a 3-year old what stealing means and why people steal. Obviously that was the next question.

Days and even weeks later she would ask me when the people who stole the bicycle would bring it back. I think it’s still hard for her to . understand and believe that people would do such a thing.

To be honest, it’s still hard for me, too.

Why would someone not recognise the money, time and work I put into acquiring something? Why would someone jump over my fence, enter my premises and steal a bicycle with a child seat attached to it?

Today, my daughter told me I should hurry up buying a new bicycle so we can go to her Friday music class on the bicycle.

So, this evening after putting her to sleep I drove to a sports shop and bought a new bicycle. This time I’m going to keep it in the underground garage though.

And please, someone, explain me why people steal stuff?

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