Beach & Coffee – Or The Good Life

Yes, sometimes there is nothing more to say than what has been said in the blog post title. It’s the good life.

Waking up, spending time with the kids, walking to the town hall branch to pick up a certificate only to realise that it’s closed. Now what? Complain and worry?

Nope, just pop into the local beach restaurant on the way back home and have a coffee, sparkling water and toast with Jamon. Enjoy the sun for 20 minutes and relax with the beach right in front of you.

Then back home and work on some strategic papers to share with the team. Later, back to the beach with my son in the carrier – Daddy-Son bonding time while he naps.

Was it the most eventful day in my life? No.

Was it the most productive day in my life? Nope.

But who cares. Some days are just like that. Days. With a bit of coffee and a drizzle of beach sand. Perfect.

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