That’s really a random one. I woke up this morning and thought about the coronavirus.

I haven’t paying a lot of attention to the news in recent years. I sporadically have times when I watch or read news for a few days or weeks and then I’m back at mainly ignoring them. I don’t see the value in “breaking news”.

However, I’ve read a few stories here and there from friends and acquaintances about the coronavirus. So far I never thought about stocking up on food, goggles and N95 masks.

Until this morning. Somehow I woke up and thought that I need to prepare myself.

Maybe it was the news that it got more intense in Italy. Or maybe the crashing stock market. Either way, I felt a bit uneasy. The feeling didn’t last long.

By lunch-time I had another 2-3 topics I wanted to talk about this evening.

You see, I don’t pre-write any of my blog posts and I don’t invest hours and hours into researching them. These 366 blog posts for 2020 are all part of my Challenge to write daily and are therefore more of a personal journal or diary. That’s also the reason why sometimes the blog post are rather short as I don’t have enough energy to invest more than 5-10 minutes into them. Other days I have enough energy to write decent sized blog posts.

Anyhow, so by lunch I thought about a few other topics I wanted to write about tonight, but then in the evening I got reminded once more that I am not at all prepared in case of an emergency.

We live in a world of 24/7 online shopping, Amazon Prime deliveries and supermarkets that work around the clock. That ultimately trained us to buy food and other products just shortly before we need them.

I’m not too worried, but with a wife and two kids at home, I might need to rethink a few emergency scenarios and plan ahead a bit better. Even if it’s just to calm me down and improve my sleep quality.

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