Weekly Review

The Weekly Review #8

It feels like this week just flew by. Maybe that’s because of my tiredness or because I haven’t accomplished a bunch of things on my list.

One thing I realised is that I write these weekly reviews every Sunday night and then I don’t check my “Next Week” list on the following Monday. Time to change that and actually open this blog post tomorrow morning to see my weekly plan (according to this post).

The Bad

  • I haven’t hired a new content writer and I might have lost one more writer. So now it’s a more pressing issue as I won’t have any new content scheduled for my company blog in a few weeks time.
  • The usual suspects, including no evening routine, a lot of tiredness at the end of the day, poor eating habits, no sports and I also haven’t made progress on my son’s passport…
  • Got a bit lost on ahrefs. It was too much fun to concentrate on any other work, so went a bit too deep/crazy in my SEO research 🙂
  • Was demotivated to go to the coworking space and lacked some work productivity and focus at home.
  • Had numerous arguments/fights with my daughter during the days that really drained my energy levels.

The Good

  • I’ve spent a good amount of time with the family.
  • Finished building my daughter’s garden house.
  • Nice birthday breakfast and lunch with the family.
  • Did some light coding for InvoiceBerry. It still needs to be finished and taken live.
  • My shoulder and chest pain finally disappeared.
  • Sun, sun sun!

Next Week

  • Learn how to plan stuff in the Calendar!
  • Go for a run!
  • Attend both my Mastermind calls.
  • Finalise the passport for my son.
  • Create an evening routine.
  • Continue reading Refactoring UI.
  • Do some coding purely for fun…or maybe do a little new project 🙂
  • Start my course on drawing.
  • Buy a new bicycle (my old one got stolen a few weeks ago)

Last week in short

Birthday celebrations, arguments, SEO.

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