Delivery Services

How did our predecessors ever live without delivery services?

Whether it’s the supermarket delivery of washing powder and toilet paper, an Amazon delivery of fresh nappies, a delivery of fresh farm produce or a take-away delivery. Delivery services are amazing. Especially when you’ve got kids, and therefore are by definition time-poor.

We’re frequent users of Deliveroo, probably Europe’s largest take-away food delivery service. We even subscribed to their service, so for a small monthly fee the delivery fees are waived from each order. Totally worth it if you’ve got more than 2-3 deliveries per month.

I love the fact that nowadays, when you’ve either got no time or energy to cook or if you’ve got no ingredients at home, you can simply order any food you fancy on an app and it arrives at your doorsteps within 30-60 minutes.

That’s what I call convenience.

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