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The Weekly Review #1

One of my main goals for 2020, besides writing daily on this blog and creating more habits, is to write a weekly review.

I’ve tried a lot of productivity systems and hacks in the past, including most recently (autumn 2019) the Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change.

Somehow I was never able to create a habit of the weekly and daily planning and reviewing involved in the process. I love the idea of the Productivity Planner but it never worked out and I gave up after less than a month.

One of my plans for 2020 is to very soon get back to using the Productivity Planner for at least 12 weeks and see how it will impact my personal and business life. I’ll make sure to write a blog post whenever I get started with it.

But let’s get started with the first weekly review of 2020. And I’d like to start with the Bad in order to finish this blog post on a positive notion.

The Bad

  • I’ve had multiple arguments with my wife which resulted in reduced mental capacity and lower energy – I’ll try to listen more carefully and don’t defend myself whenever she talks (Solution)
  • I didn’t set up a calendar for this week and therefore worked a bit on everything and ended up working on nothing big that would be relevant in 6 months time. – Monday morning I will first take 30 minutes to set up my calendar for the week (Solution)
  • I already committed to a bunch of events next week that will severely interrupt my work schedule – I’ll block my work schedule more rigorous and set and respect my own boundaries better. I’ll also have a chat with my wife about this once I’ve done it, to avoid any false expectations (Solution)
  • I haven’t done any sports so far in 2020 – I’ll schedule at least one 1-hour block next week for a run at the beach (Solution)

The Good

  • I’ve written every day since January, 1 on this blog. Even if I was extremely exhausted on some days and only published a few minutes before midnight!!!
  • I’ve caught up with a bunch of admin work and email tasks that accumulated during the Holiday season.
  • I’ve let go of a person between the contract-signing and joining date as I realised that she would not fit the company culture and ultimately disturb the harmony in the company.
  • I’m in contact with multiple good candidates for the position that is still vacant and I feel like I can soon make an informed decision.
  • I walked on average more than 10,000 steps per day last week. That’s easy when your baby boy mainly sleeps in the carrier while you walk along the beach 🙂
  • I’ve listened to 3 podcasts during my beach walks – 1 Tim Ferriss and 2 Tropical MBA.
  • I’ve manifested my morning routine with my daughter and it all feels more calm and organised.
  • I went for a great hike outside of Valencia with the entire family on Saturday.

Next Week

  • Plan the week ahead on Monday morning
  • Block my dedicated work schedule for the coming weeks and discuss with wife
  • Block at least one 1-hour block to go for a run on the beach
  • Interview, and potentially hire, for the vacant position at my company
  • Work on email and get close to Inbox 0
  • Have individual calls with each of my team members
  • Have calls to reconnect with the two Mastermind groups I’m a member off
  • Work on some content and monetisation related strategies at my company

Last week in short

Same, same but slightly more structure.

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