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The Weekly Review #3

I almost forgot about my weekly review. I was half-way through my daily post with the title “Perspective” before I realised that it’s Sunday and that means it’s time for my weekly review.

That in itself shows how much I still struggle with planning and reviewing my weeks. And that can definitely be seen in the Bad list below.

The Bad

  • I once again didn’t set up a structured calendar for this week and therefore worked all over the place for most of the week. During my trip to Barcelona I worked on a few things that are more strategic and could have a high relevancy in 6 months time. – Monday morning I will first take 30 minutes to set up my calendar for the week (Solution)DANGER: This is on the list for the third week in a row!
  • I haven’t gone for a run so far in 2020 – I’ll schedule one short 15-20 minute run next week (Solution) – DANGER: This is on the list for the third week in a row!
  • I didn’t even open my ToDoIst list this week since it lost all structure and organisation last week – I’ll take 60 minutes on Monday morning to organise my tasks by priority, day and category before setting up the weekly calendar. (Solution)DANGER: This is on the list for the second week in a row!
  • I’ve not had team calls with any of my team members last week – I’ll schedule calls with each of my team members on Monday morning (Solution)
  • I haven’t had any interviews with potential new hires – I’ll make it one of my top priorities next week and block at least two hours for the task (Solution)

The Good

  • I’ve written every single day of the week on this blog. Boom!
  • I’ve been on both my weekly Mastermind calls this week and both of them were extremely insightful. Now it’s time to strategise and implement!
  • My Fitbit Charge 3 counted more than 10,000 steps every single day. Some days I’m hitting more than 17,000.
  • I added 10 daily push-ups to my morning routine and so far have done them every morning.
  • I went to Barcelona where I attended two events with some great people. Lots of good connections and positive energy.
  • On my train ride to Barcelona I started reading the ebook Refactoring UI. It’s been on my reading list since some time and I’m super excited about improving my UI skills as I’m not a natural graphic designer.
  • During my time in Barcelona I worked on an important strategic paper for my team to add potential future revenue sources to our company.

Next week

  • Work on my ToDoIst list and plan the week ahead in my Calendar on Monday morning.
  • Invest additional time to recruit new team members.
  • Restart weekly calls with each individual team member.
  • Attend both my Mastermind calls.
  • Start the process of getting a passport for my son. (Lots of bureaucracy ahead!)
  • Create an evening routine.
  • Continue working on new content and monetisation related strategies at my company and start sharing them with the team.
  • Get back to doing some coding!
  • Continue reading Refactoring UI.
  • Launch “Mini Accounting Course” for InvoiceBerry users.

Last week in short

Communities and connections can give you lots of fresh energy and positivity!

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