Weekly Review

The Weekly Review #5

I’ve already more or less portrait this last week in my January review. It’s fair to say that it has been the weakest and worst week of 2020 so far. The absence of routines and structure brought a lot of unproductivity and my wife got injured, too.

The Bad

  • I’ve been ill for most of the week and I’m still not fully recovered
  • All habits, routines and structure broke down
  • I’ve done minimal amounts of work and missed both of my weekly Mastermind calls
  • Basically everything that I haven’t been working on in the past four weeks also didn’t get solved this week
  • My wife sprained her ankle on a hike this Saturday

The Good

  • I’m slowly getting better
  • We’ve got an appointment at the town hall on Monday in order to get rolling on the passport project for my son
  • I prepared most of the things for our Q4 VAT return of my company. Hopefully this can get done and submitted on Monday
  • We had a nice family hike on Saturday, except for the end when my wife sprained her ankle
  • We had two great BBQ’s with friends this weekend

Next week

Basically everything from last Sunday…

  • Weekly calls with each individual team member.
  • Attend both my Mastermind calls.
  • Get a passport for my son.
  • Create an evening routine.
  • Continue working on new content and monetisation related strategies at my company and start sharing them with the team.
  • Continue reading Refactoring UI.
  • Do some coding purely for fun!
  • Submit VAT Returns.

Last week in short


The writing of this blog post sums my week up perfectly – while writing this post I had to attend to my daughter four times as she’s still ill. Time to hit PUBLISH and sleep next to her!

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