10,000 Steps

So last week I got my new Fitbit. I started wearing it exactly a week ago and after a few days I thought something is really off.

A few years ago, when I got my first Fitbit, I often struggled to get those magic 10,000 daily steps. If I remember correctly, I would probably hit the 10,000 step target about half of the time.

Last week and this week I hit the 10,000 steps in the afternoon or early evening. Every. Single. Day.

So last Sunday while walking with my son in the carrier I actually stopped, synced the Fitbit with my phone and then walked exactly ten steps, checked my phone and it added exactly 10 steps to the count – Correct. Then I walked another 20 steps and again the Fitbit counted it perfectly.

Turns out the Fitbit isn’t broken, but how do I end up walking 13, 15 or 17 thousand steps every day without feeling like I made any effort?

Last night in Barcelona I figured out what happened. After my meet-up I opened Google Maps and realised that it’s a 30+ minute walk back to the hotel. But hey, the night was young and I was by myself, so I just walked and explored the city on foot.

By the time I got back to the hotel and felt mildly exhausted I was still a few hundred steps short of the 10,000 step daily goal.

What was different yesterday to all the other days?

I’m by myself in Barcelona. Without family and kids.

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