8PM Naps

Today was a great family day. From start to finish (It’s 9:30PM right now and I’m knackered!), I’ve spent the entire day with the family.

I picked up some documents while my son slept in the carrier on me and my daughter walked with me. We had a nice chat along the beach on our way to the town hall.

Later, we spent some time in the sun on our terrace, then went to the Aquarium and also bought annual tickets for the Aquarium and Science centre. In the afternoon we went to the beach to build sandcastles, have a beach walk with the sleeping baby and snack on some fruits next to the sea.

By 7PM everyone was ready for dinner and bed.

After I read my daughter’s goodnight story to her, I fell asleep myself for almost one hour. I just now woke up to fix an issue at my company that I was informed about earlier today and write this post.

Time to relax and try to get back to sleep. Family days are definitely more tiring than work days. But also so much more rewarding.

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