Weekly Review

The Weekly Review #6

It’s that time of the week again. Time to reflect and think about the stuff that went well this week and everything that didn’t go according to the plan. I’m still a bit in a limbo and 2020 hasn’t really started yet for me. At least not the good stuff.

So far I’ve spent a lot of time in 2020 with the family, had a solo trip to Barcelona, encountered some major issues in my team and everything in-between. The two things I haven’t experienced yet in 2020 are work productivity and structure.

More or less, I miss a chunk of my aims every week and move them from one week to the next. Now, with week 6 finished, I am really really really going to work on a better structure that should ultimately lead to higher productivity and happiness.

For me productivity and happiness are directly correlated.

I felt most of 2020 that I am on the edge of burning out or maybe my poor structure and productivity already showed signs of being in the middle of a burn out. I’m not sure about that, but I give it a few more weeks of tweaking my plans and schedules and seeing where it leads me. I hope that I can turn things around and avoid a full-blown burn out. I’ve been there before and know how long and hard it can be on me and the entire family.

The Bad

  • My wife is still constrained due to her sprained ankle, no hikes for now!
  • Habits, routines and productivity are still low
  • I’ve not hired anyone new for my team
  • I’ve not implemented an evening routine yet
  • I completely over-eat on sugar and crap on a daily basis
  • I haven’t done any sports in 2020 yet

The Good

  • I’m slowly getting better. At least it feels like it.
  • I identified a potential looming burn out and started working on ways to avoid it
  • I spent a lot of time with the kids and wife
  • I attended both of my MasterMind calls, especially my Tuesday call was super helpful as we concentrated for almost the entire time on me personally and my business. It was an eye-opening conversation that was really needed and happened at the perfect time.
  • I got the ball rolling on my son’s passport
  • I submitted my Q4 2019 VAT returns
  • Changed my calendar structure and improved the sync with my wife to better coordinate with her
  • Shared my plan for a new revenue stream with one of my team members
  • Had a call with an ex-team member to explore a potential collaboration

Next week

There’s been a fair amount of items listed under The Good section, however, a lot of them weren’t directly focused on growing the business profit in the short-to-medium term. So there are a ton of things planned for the next 7 days, mainly taken from the previous weekly review:

  • Take Monday off for quality family beach fun!
  • Weekly calls with each individual team member.
  • Attend both my Mastermind calls.
  • Finalise the passport for my son.
  • Create an evening routine.
  • Continue readingĀ Refactoring UI.
  • Do some coding purely for fun!
  • Start learning something new that isn’t related to any of my work.

Last week in short

Trying to avoid a full-blown burn out.

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