Daddy Duties

After a fairly eventful and partly chaotic day, that started with me waking up early in order to get my daughter ready for her forest school day, all I wanted was to have a quiet Saturday night.

However, 30 minutes before the shops were closing my wife told me that I should get a snow suit for our son for our upcoming ski trip.

So, me trying to not disappoint anyone in the family, I rushed out of the house and raced to the shopping mall with 15 minutes to spare. The clock was ticking and when I couldn’t find anything suitable in the shop, I ran across an 6-lane roundabout in order to get to H&M with only 5 minutes until closing time.

At 21:59 (one minute before the shop officially closed) I paid for my son’s snowsuit.

By the time I got home, and sorted out some other issues (I had locked myself out of our garage due to flooding earlier in the day), it was already 11 o’clock at night. Just about enough time to watch a quick clip of Dragon’s Den on YouTube (YouTube keeps suggesting those 10-15 minute clips to me since I wrote about Dragon’s Den a few weeks ago. They’re so addictive!) and to write today’s blog article.

If you want to take being a dad/parent serious you more often than not have to sacrifice your plans (e.g. free evenings) for family duties.

However, without my trip to the shop tonight, we wouldn’t be able to go on our skiing trip next Monday, since we definitely need a snowsuit for our son. So, by not going out of my comfort zone and by sticking to my relaxed evening plans, I would have robbed my family of a potentially great experience. That’s something I’d hate!

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It’s about priorities, man! Well done.

Everything depends on how you look at it. For example, instead of a free evening on the couch at home, you did some exercise by going to the mall, and I’m sure your health app now counts more steps! =) That’s a win!

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