Dads vs. Mums

Two weeks ago, after I brought my daughter to her forest school I went myself for a walk into the forest while listening to a podcast. After some time I met one of the mums of a kid who also attends the forest school. We walked and talked for some time.

Later on, I went back to the car to do a bit of work on my laptop. About an hour before the pick-up time a bunch of mums arrived and offered me to join them for another walk through the forest. We walked and talked for about an hour until we picked up the kids.

Fast-forward two weeks. Today I again dropped off my daughter at the forest school. I started chatting to two dads. After a few minutes they offered to go to a nearby town for a coffee. So we went to the car, drove for 15 minutes and sat down at a coffee shop. Three hours of sitting and a few coffees and beers later we drove back to the forest to pick up our kids.

I enjoyed both experiences, as the conversations were great.


20,000+ steps vs. 500 steps.

Time for the dads to “step up”. 🙂

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