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Today, I was working on some improvements for the payment page at InvoiceBerry. I wanted to make the pricing and information once an offer had been applied more clear.

After I finished all the technical stuff and displayed the correct information I went into my designer and pixel-pusher mode.

I removed some margins, added some paddings, moved some words a few pixels up, down, left or right.

Once I was happy with the status quo, I decided that I wanted to show more information on the page to build more trust – maybe a mention that the payment page is secure or that the subscription can be cancelled at any time.

I headed to my company’s homepage to get more ideas of things I should mention on that payment page. And then it struck me – testimonials. I need to add testimonials to the page.

The old me would have started to add them to the page right away, play around with different layouts and positions and spent most of the day on pushing things around.

However, after I joined my Masterminds, I learnt to surround myself with clever people who are going through or went through very similar issues. So, I took a quick screenshot of the current payment page and wrote a little note asking for help in our Slack channel.

After a few hours I went back into Slack and was surprised.

Everyone loved the current payment page and they all made valid points against my new ideas. It turned out the few adjustments I made earlier that day were perfect and no extra work was needed according to multiple people in the Slack channel.

That made me think, and I realised that they were right. Sometimes you’re so stuck in the moment that you don’t realise if something is actually necessary or not. Maybe it is already perfect the way it is.

Luckily, I asked for help and saved a lot of unnecessary time.

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