Hobbies are difficult for me.

Most people have a bunch of hobbies they got into in their teens and continued exploring those hobbies and new hobbies in their 20’s.

There are probably around 15-20 years between the time when you’re 10 and 30 when you develop the majority of your hobbies in my opinion.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t develop a new hobby when you’re 70+, but most people are slowing down their quest for exploring new hobbies at some point in their lives and rather keep having the same hobbies. This makes sense since every start of a new activity or hobby creates a certain anxiety and the learning curve is often very steep in the beginning.

However, I was busy creating and running software, websites and businesses in my teens and 20’s. Except skiing and a bit of tennis, I did very little that wasn’t connected to those things. Once I was old enough and lived by myself I added some travelling to my list of frequent activities. And a whole lot of drinking and partying. After all, I lived in London for almost 7 years.

Now, with a wife, two kids and a business, it is hard to find the time to work on new hobbies. It takes quite a bit of effort to figure out what I might like and what I want to spend some energy, money and time on.

After all, my hobby is exactly what I mentioned above: I like to create stuff.

I like to create websites, software, projects, businesses.

I like to create Lego structures and sand castles and build things out of wood.

My wife regularly tells me I should find some hobbies. Most times people think about some sort of sports activity in these cases – football, tennis, swimming, you name it.

I’m still contemplating what I like to add to my list of hobbies. Probably it still should be somehow related to building and creating stuff as this is what I seem to enjoy the most. I contemplated for a long time to learn how to draw. I’m terrible even at drawing stick men, but everyone needs to start somewhere I guess!

My main mission in 2020 is to challenge myself more.

I aim to try at least one new thing each month and if I like what I’m doing, I’ll stick with it. So let’s try some drawing courses for February and March and see where we are going with that!

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