Weekly Review

The Weekly Review #7

Today is the last day I’m 32 years old. In a few hours is my birthday and I’ll turn 33. Apparently the age Jesus was when he got nailed onto the cross.

My wife organised a surprise beach birthday picnic today, so that was great, but also left me extremely tired after all day at the beach and in the sun.

The Bad

  • I’ve not hired anyone new for my team. I pushed this off for quite some time because I don’t feel 100% ready yet. I’m not sure if I will hire someone in February to be honest.
  • I’ve not implemented an evening routine yet.
  • I didn’t track my sleep and steps every day this week.
  • I haven’t done any sports in 2020 yet.
  • I didn’t make any progress on my son’s passport.
  • I let my email inbox go a bit wild.

The Good

  • I spent a lot of time with my kids and wife. Lots of outside and beach fun.
  • I attended both of my Mastermind calls and had an additional few calls that were very insightful and should help for future growth.
  • I caught up on a bunch of reading and open tabs. I’m now a tab 0 guy!
  • Had an awesome pre-birthday celebration on the beach.
  • I did some light coding and UI improvements for InvoiceBerry.
  • I gave some seriously needed feedback to my content writers to improve the quality of our blog at InvoiceBerry.

Next week

  • Take Monday of for birthday celebrations and family time.
  • Weekly calls with each individual team member.
  • Attend both my Mastermind calls.
  • Finalise the passport for my son.
  • Create an evening routine.
  • Continue reading Refactoring UI.
  • Do some coding purely for fun!
  • Start learning something new that isn’t related to any of my work – Drawing! I bought an Udemy course this week.
  • Have 2-3 additional calls to work on potential projects with people.

Last week in short

Family fun trumps work.

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