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Last week, a guy who’s part of one of my Masterminds reached out to me via Slack. He wanted to talk about SEO and content marketing with me. He heard me talking a lot about content marketing and guest posting in one of our weekly Mastermind calls and was curious. Why not exchange ideas and processes he asked.

A few months ago, I would have probably just made up an excuse why I don’t have time or why I prefer email communication rather than having an actual call. However, the new me is interested in sharing knowledge and ideas, brainstorming new projects and being open with people.

So we arranged a call and I started sharing some of my processes, how I streamline the hiring process of content writers and how I optimise our guest post outreach. He carefully listened and took notes and after about 3/4 of our call was finished he shared his thoughts and knowledge about SEO and different tools and processes.

It turned out that we approached SEO and content marketing from two exact opposite sides. I had a broader approach while he had a more targeted one. We finished our conversation saying, that both of our approaches are valid and that neither person has a better or worse approach, but we agreed that it made sense to continue sharing knowledge with each other.

Today, I hopped onto another call with him and with the help of (a SEO tool) he dissected my company website and gave me a 2-hour value bomb with keyword research, strategies and action plans. He even recorded the conversation and shared all his notes with me.

After our call I felt extremely exhausted as the value and information he provided me was just over the top brilliant. I feel that for that sort of call he could easily charge anywhere between $500-2,000 and have people lining up to take him up on the offer.

By me opening up and allowing people into my life and business, I was able to attract a lot of A-players and very kind and helpful people in recent months.

It turns out people want to help people. I want to help people.

I’ve been giving my advice to a lot of people for free over the years, but never asked for other people’s help. I always tried to figure it out all by myself.

However, since I started accepting help from others they have been kind across the board. People have either offered their help to me outright, or once I asked them they’ve been more than happy to help.

When I scheduled today’s call in my calendar I put it down as an one-hour event, assuming that it would last shorter than that. After more than 2 hours I actually had to stop the call, because I had to help with my kids. I think the call could have gone on for even longer.

The amount of gratitude and kindness I felt during and after that call were just out of this world. Thank you, my friend!

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