SEO Sparkles

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’ve just signed up for ahrefs. I used a few of the big SEO tools years ago and I’ve checked a few of the less popular tools once or twice a year in the past.

However, I have never really digged into any of the tools for hours and days on end. And I never actually enjoyed spending hours and hours in those Dashboards. Until yesterday.

The sparkle is back.

The excitement flies high.

The curiosity of what sort of data I get when I check that website and the other keyword and combinations of this and that…

It’s marvellous!

Generally speaking, I like what I am doing during most of my entrepreneurial life. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

However, there are always periods of time, that might be longer or shorter, when I don’t like what I’m doing. During those times my motivation is low and I might try to waste time on YouTube or drinking way too much coffee or dreaming about new exciting projects or helping others rather than working on my own things.

But every once in a while something big happens and shakes me up. It makes me regain that sparkle to its full glory.

The simple act of signing up to ahrefs and getting a walk-through from my Mastermind friend did exactly that.

The Boss is back. Watch out competition, our SEO game is going to explode soon!

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