Sick Day

Not all days are created equally. And not all blog posts are equal either.

Even though this blog post will “damage” my average word count, there is nothing I can do about it.

My daughter has fever and I’m looking after her all evening and night. Her health obviously comes first.

However, there is actually something I could do — I could simply write a blog post and not find an excuse.

Yes, everything in life is a choice.

After I got my daughter to sleep I decided to take my laptop to bed and stay next to her with my laptop. I made the choice to work for a bit and then rest while watching a film. Just when I wanted to go to sleep, I realised that I hadn’t posted anything for today yet.

I made the conscious choice to write this blog post on my phone rather than my laptop.

That was an early indication that I wouldn’t write a long post. However, it also was a choice to write something rather than give up and not write anything.

Everything in life is a choice.

And those choices don’t always just come in black and white but in plenty of shades.

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