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Just as I’m setting up some Google Analytics tracking, it got me thinking about the general topic of tracking.

Tracking in business – Google Analytics, KPI’s, screen recordings, errors, user actions and financials.

Tracking in life – weight, height, health, happiness, financials and much more.

I feel like I’ve always been really bad with tracking progress – in business and in life.

I’ve never had a journal for more than a few days or weeks. And I often don’t look into website statistics and Dashboards for weeks or months at a time.

I feel that better keeping track of my businesses and life would dramatically help to improve progress and plan and execute on projects and goals.

I’m more or less daily wearing my Fitbit Charge 3 since the beginning of this year to keep track of my sleep and my step count.

I’m also blogging on a daily basis since January 1. That’s a sort of journal where I keep track of thoughts and events.

There are still a lot of places where I could either implement or improve tracking.

The ultimate goal could be a sort of Dashboard that comprises of key data for all my businesses, finances, health, family and life in general. I’m not sure how this would look like and how the data would be presented, but it’s a good idea to slowly work towards this goal.

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