Taking it easy

After my daughter fell ill during the night from Sunday to Monday and we had to cancel our skiing trip, my week flipped a bit upside down. First I had to re-schedule a call with one of my team members, then I had to cancel one of my mastermind calls and lastly I got ill myself.

I’ve now got various body aches, a sore throat and a cough. Maybe that’s just another sign that I should invest more time and energy into sports and healthy food to boost my immune system, or, that’s just what happens when you’ve got an ill toddler coughing and cuddling you all day long. There’s literally no way to avoid the virus spreading to your body.

Either way, I first need to take it a bit easier now and get fit again, and then I can get back to my work.

I’m going to definitely put healthy food, exploring super foods, nutrition hacks, ice baths, strengthening my immune system, regular sports and a hiring a personal trainer higher on my 2020 list of projects.

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