Sick Day

Lots of coughing. Ski trip cancelled. Family separated into two parts. That more or less sums up the past 24 hours.

My daughter got ill in the night from Sunday to Monday. I’ve been looking after her for the past 24 hours while my wife took the baby and stays/sleeps in a different part of the house. We try to make sure that the baby doesn’t catch the same virus our daughter caught.

I still haven’t been able to open my laptop today, so this post is actually written from my phone. It’s the first time I use WordPress on a mobile device and the experience seems way better than expected!

During this sick day I’ve obviously spent a lot of time with my daughter, but I’ve also had plenty of time to think and evaluate the first month of the year.

My initial observations of 2020?

I’m way behind schedule and none of my plans and strategies are falling into place so far. However, I think I know where I have to start changing things for the better!

I think as soon as my daughter feels better I need to plan an emergency strategy/work session to get on top of my life. So far, I’m not impressing myself in 2020.

But first I want my daughter to get healthy again. Family first. Always!

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