Sick Day

Lots of coughing. Ski trip cancelled. Family separated into two parts. That more or less sums up the past 24 hours. My daughter got ill in the night from Sunday to Monday. I’ve been looking after her for the past 24 hours while my wife took the baby and stays/sleeps in a different part of […]


Travel Plans 2020

I’ve just had a talk with my wife regarding our travel plans this year. We started the conversation back in December 2019, but hey, we’ve got kids! Naturally we got interrupted multiple times in our conversations and tonight we were finally able to go through our travel plans for the year together. We’ve not got […]

Personal Development

Challenge Accepted – Overcoming my biggest fears

Alright. It’s a new year and we’re all supposed to have some sort of list of New Year’s Resolutions that we will never end up doing. According to Inc., some 80% of people end up failing on their resolutions sooner or later. In recent years the amount of blog posts I’ve come across that mention […]