Travel Plans 2020

I’ve just had a talk with my wife regarding our travel plans this year.

We started the conversation back in December 2019, but hey, we’ve got kids! Naturally we got interrupted multiple times in our conversations and tonight we were finally able to go through our travel plans for the year together.

We’ve not got finalised dates for all of those destinations, but here’s roughly our planned schedule for our 2020 family trips. Some of them are pure family trips and others I try to attend meet-ups/conferences, too.


  • Multiple skiing trips to Valdelinares, Spain – some of them as day-trips and some as over-night trips


  • Valencia, Spain, to enjoy Fallas


  • Utrecht, Netherlands – around the King’s Day


  • Oslo and Bergen in Norway


  • London, UK
  • Barcelona, Spain


  • Vilnius, Lithuania


  • Tbilisi, Georgia


  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Some Thai island(s)


  • London, UK

Additional destinations

  • Vienna, Austria – no date yet, probably in the first half of the year.
  • Madrid, Spain – no date yet, probably in the first half of the year.
  • Some Spanish islands that are reachable via ferry service from Valencia – no date yet. As soon as it gets warmer we look into it.

Seems like 2020 could become yet another busy and adventurous year. Let’s get back to this blog post towards the end of the year and see which planned destinations worked out and which didn’t.

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