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The Weekly Review #2

Alright, so kudos where kudos are due. I’m extremely tired after putting my daughter to sleep and all I wanted to do is stay in bed and sleep until tomorrow morning. But there’s that daily blog post I’ve got to write. So out of bed and onto the laptop!

Last Sunday was the first weekly review of the year and unfortunately most of my plans set out in that blog posts weren’t achieved, or even worked on.

It’s great to have that first weekly review live as being able to re-read it before writing the second weekly review helped me to identify my shortcomings and plan for the coming week.

I’ll make sure to mark things that are carried forward from the previous week in order to pay extra attention to them in the upcoming week. It might be that my proposed solution changes in order to make a positive outcome more likely.

The Bad

  • I didn’t set up a calendar for this week and therefore worked a bit on everything and ended up working on nothing big that would be relevant in 6 months time. – Monday morning I will first take 30 minutes to set up my calendar for the week (Solution)DANGER: This is on the list for the second week in a row!
  • I haven’t done any sports so far in 2020 – I’ll build a small sports session into my morning routine (Solution) – DANGER: This is on the list for the second week in a row!
  • My ToDoIst list is getting out of control and loses more and more structure every day – I’ll take 30 minutes on Monday morning to organise my tasks by priority, day and category before setting up the weekly calendar. (Solution)
  • I’ve only had team calls with half of my team last week – I’ll schedule calls with each of my team members on Monday morning (Solution)
  • I haven’t further looked into the hiring of new team members – I’ll make it the number 1 priority on Monday and block at least two hours for the task on Monday (Solution)

The Good

  • I’ve written every single day of the week on this blog. The Challenge is still on and unbroken!
  • I’ve re-connected with one of my two Mastermind calls this week
  • I’ve received my Fitbit Charge 3 this week and wore it every day to track my sleep patterns and my steps as well as heart rate. I’ve done more than 10,000 steps every single day.
  • I’ve received my pack of personalised natural nootropic pills from Cogniora this week and took them for the last three days. I’ll report back with my feedback in the coming weeks.
  • I feel confident enough in my morning routine that I think I can add some additional parts to it next week. I’ll start with 10 push-ups before my shower every day.
  • I attended the first day of my daughter’s Forest School on Saturday where I enjoyed 4+ hours in nature.

Next week

  • Work on my ToDoIst list and plan the week ahead in my Calendar on Monday morning
  • Invest 2+ hours on Monday into recruiting new team members
  • Have individual calls with each person on the team
  • Include 10 push-ups into my daily morning routine
  • Work on some content and monetisation related strategies at my company
  • Barcelona trip from Wednesday to Friday for workation and strategy sessions
  • Entrepreneur meet-ups on Wednesday and Thursday evening in Barcelona

Last week in short

Disappointed, but we might be getting closer to some structure.

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